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Coffee shop & Restaurants POS to adapt, centralize, and grow your business 

Complete Coffee shop & Restaurants POS system to bridge the divide between your storefront and website. Connect customer, inventory, purchasing, and delivery into one platform. 


All-in-one POS system to sell in-person and online 

 Keep track of online and in-person Coffee shop or Restaurant orders, in the same POS system, in real time. 

 Leverage Dukani to set up complex menus and promotions across all your locations or franchises. 

Customize the system to adapt to your workflow and needs. Add more staff and POS with no extra costs. 

All-in-one POS system to sell in-person and online 

Lightning-fast POS helps you handle orders and keep your customer satisfied. 

Simple interfaces make taking orders and shortening the cafe & Restaurants queue easier. Set up item variations and add notes to custom orders to ensure that your customer receives the exact product they desire.


By providing a variety of payment options, you can cut down on checkout time and cash transactions. Contactless payments keep guests and staff safe.


Promote your products and increase order accuracy by using customer-facing displays.


Increase brand loyalty for your coffee shop or Restaurants. 

Customer loyalty programs are one of the most powerful marketing tools for coffee shops & Restaurants. Give your customer the incentive to return and purchase more from your brand

Consolidate all customer data into a single Dukani database. Create more effective promotions based on their spending habits and preferences.

Use Dukani's robust features to run flexible promotions that work on both your website and in-store.


Increase customer retention by offering rewards points, gift cards, and store credit.


Increase your online revenue by reaching out to more customers.

With online order and delivery app integration, you can reach your customers no matter where they are.

With a strong online presence, you can adapt to changing customer behavior. Reduce third-party commission fees by selling personalized products on your website.

Provide takeout and curbside pickup to keep your employees and customers safe while saving money on delivery.

Integrate your coffee shop and restaurant POS with popular delivery apps in your area to reach more customers and grow your business.



With a dependable kitchen display system, you can organize and fulfill orders from anywhere.

Integrate your front of house and kitchen to accurately fulfill your orders.

Control inventory from a single platform.

Coffee shop & restaurant  POS helps to reduce sitting inventory and food waste.


Get real-time inventory data from multiple locations.
Check stock levels in your storefront and warehouse in real-time. Immediately sync inventory data between the POS, kitchen, and warehouse..


Keep accurate records of your products and ingredients.
Set up and maintain your seasonal menu throughout the system. Using lot numbers, you can keep track of inventory movement. During production, use a bill of materials to update inventory.


Streamline purchasing management
Set up low stock threshold to quickly reorder your bakery ingredients and prevent stock-outs and lost sales.


Real-time reports help you make better decisions.
To keep your business profitable, keep track of your sales and expenses.


  • Location performance is used to examine and compare the revenue and margins of various stores.

  • Keep track of cash flow with end-of-session and end-of-day reports.

  • Staff performance to encourage and reward your top performers

  • Inventory reports to keep track of how much stock you have and all inventory movement


Easily integrate coffee shop and restaurant POS with the rest of your system.
Connect your café & restaurant POS to your business management system via API to integrate your systems.

  • Accounting

  • Payroll

  • ERP

  • Delivery Service

Cafe Interior

Work with expert team to launch and run your Coffee shop & Restaurant POS system smoothly

Our professional team is here to assist you to overcome any challenges so you can focus on selling and winning customers.


Consultation & Roadmap
Just share your goals or challenges, and we'll match your business needs with Dukani capabilities. You'll receive a solution to get to the root of your problem, with the Dukani team.


Development & Deployment

Work with one dedicated support team that fits with your project scope and milestone. You'll get weekly results thanks to a transparent process with clear milestones.


Support & Maintenance

Get your business set up and running just right. Less system downtime and quick response ensure you can focus on expanding your business


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